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Hair Replacement Maintenance

Hair Replacement & Hair Topper Care Guide

At our salon, we take the time needed to assess which brand of extension, method of application, amount of bundles, length in inches, and texture best suits each client through the complimentary consultation process.

How to Brush your Hair

Using a Lavish Locks brush, brush your hair addition every day and before every shampoo. Start detangling the ends first and then work your way up to the scalp. Make sure the piece is tangle free at the attachment area. As your hair grows, the natural shedding gets trapped in the bond and doesn’t get released until the topper is removed.

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How to Wash Your Hair Topper

Only use stylist approved products. Certain products are designed to wash and condition the topper appropriately, without compromising the attachment zone, and balance the ph.

If your hair is “dry” wash your piece at least once a week to prevent natural oils from accumulating at the scalp area. If you are oily or your lifestyle is more active, wash more frequently. We can help you determine the proper time to wait in between washes because each client is unique.

Do not shampoo in large circular motions that could cause knotting. Using fingertips instead of finger nails is much healthier for the scalp and hair additions. Press and squeeze the shampoo gently through the hair from roots to ends. Repeat as needed.

Thoroughly wet the hair. Your head should be in an upright position so the hair is in a down ward flow. Do not shampoo upside down. Distribute shampoo evenly in your hands and apply to the root working it to the ends.

Distribute conditioner using downward strokes from mid-shaft to ends. Never get conditioner on the attachment area. The scalp does not need to be conditioned because the natural oils will do it.

With the conditioner in the hair gently use the wet bush to detangle the hair from ends to root and let it set for a few minutes.

Rinse conditioner and towel dry the topper with a squeezing or patting method. Do not rub the hair against the towel. Too much friction can cause damage.

Let hair air dry whenever possible, but blow drying can still be done every time after each wash. Try to avoid extremely high heat from blow dryers, flat irons, and curling wands especially at the attachment area. Leaving the heat on too long can burn the piece. We recommend 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Leave in conditioner or oils will help keep the integrity of both your natural hair and the topper.

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Hair Replacement Aftercare

Always hold the piece with one hand, while brushing with the other, in order to avoid excessive tension at the root area.

If you are going to be swimming always wet your hair with fresh water and use a conditioning mask on the middle to ends of the hair. Hair is like a sponge so if its full of fresh water and deep conditioner, it will not be easy for it to absorb salt water or chlorine. Then secure your hair in a low ponytail or braid so that it is not free flowing in the water. Free flowing hair can easily get tangled. When you know that you will no longer be getting back in the water, rinse with fresh water again. At your earliest convenience wash and condition your hair.

Dry your hair thoroughly before going to bed. Never go to bed with wet hair.

Curling irons, flat irons, wavers, and hot rollers may be used but avoid too much heat at the attachment.

Color can be done with the piece in as long as it done by a professional. We prefer to do the color at the same time the piece is getting maintenance.

Hair Topper Maintenance

Plan to schedule maintenance with your stylist every four to six weeks to maintain beautiful healthy hair.

A follow up appointment is a complimentary service to ensure the best condition of your new hair. This service is included in first time hair purchases. Two weeks after the hair is applied, you come in so we can show you how to brush, wash, condition, blow dry, and style the hair addition. We also assess the growth and shed rate to determine when the move up will be. We can also make any changes such as, cutting the length or adding more layers. By this appointment, most clients will have washed their hair a few times and we are happy to answer any questions.

Removals are done in a gentle and non-damaging way when done by a certified stylist.


“I would give a million stars if I could!

I was growing my hair out from chemotherapy and didn’t want to wear a wig for my wedding day. Jordan helped me choose the best option for extensions and amazingly color-matched my natural brunette hair color. She was so caring and just a beautiful person inside and out!”

For more information about how to extend the life and wear of your hair replacement, contact us at our salon for all the answers you need.

The transformation is real.

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