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Lavish Locks Tampa Hair ExtensionsLavish Locks Tampa Hair Extensions
Lavish Locks Tampa Hair ExtensionsLavish Locks Tampa Hair Extensions

We specialize in helping women who desire more hair.

Lavish Locks is a private safe place for women to come to get the hair they’ve always wanted.

Jordan Mankin, Founder & Creator of Lavish Locks


Tape extensions typically last 6-12 weeks, clients love that this hair can be reused multiple times with proper home care. Seamless tape extensions provide the most natural look with hair strands starting from the very top of the extension. A great choice for those looking for beautiful, smooth transitions between natural and extension hair.


This is a method of attachment that uses keratin, resin, or thermoplast and a heated tool to fuse the strands of hair onto the natural hair. It typically lasts anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the speed at which the hair grows, rate of natural shedding, home care, and personal preference. Fusion extensions are not usually reused unless they are Hairdreams. Hairdreams is a brand that can be reused up to 2 times.


This extension is made by hand. They are much thinner and lay flatter against the scalp than normal wefts. They typically last 6-10 weeks depending on the speed at which their hair grows, rate of natural shedding, home care, and personal preference. Clients love that this hair can be reused multiple times before needing a new set.


These are great for special occasions, date night, or photoshoots. They can last for years because this method isn’t worn consistently. Clip-In or Halo extensions are the best temporary methods of attachment.


This is a non-surgical way to add thickness and length to the top of the head. This looks and feels like your own hair! This hair is custom designed for each client and can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the speed at which the hair grows, rate of natural shedding, home care, and personal preference. The system can be reused for 6 months to a year! The procedure is a quick and painless way to have a natural look that is virtually undetectable to both sight and touch.


This method is for women being treated with chemotherapy or radiation. Natural hair duplication is great for clients who want to look like themselves until their natural hair starts to grow back. The natural hair usually begins to fall out two to four weeks after the first treatment. It could fall out very quickly in clumps or gradually. This hair loss is rarely permanent and should grow back once treatment is over. We have options for all stages of this process including the growing out phase.


This revolutionary treatment uses cutting edge technology to eliminate frizz, increase manageability, repair damage, and leave the hair noticeably softer with luminous shine!

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Claim Your Complimentary Consultation

A consultation is the first step in bringing your hair goals to life. At this appointment, we will go over your hair history, lifestyle, and overall desires. We discuss the different options and figure out a plan for your hair.

Who Is Lavish Locks


Jordan held strong to her belief that truly beautiful hair begins at the scalp. Just like the rest of our body, our hair requires individual attention, maintenance, and proper care.

Jordan’s passion began at a young age and remained unwavering over her 13-year career. Her training extended beyond the salon walls, as Jordan found herself pouring through journals and performing research on the prominent causes of hair loss and scalp disorders.

Jordan Mankin has made it her life’s mission to take care of every client and create self-care moments for them with each visit to Lavish Locks.

Jordan Lavish Locks Tampa Hair Extensions

Meet The Team

Amanda Lavish Locks Tampa Hair Extensions

Amanda @lavishlocks_amanda

Amanda Lavish Locks Tampa Hair Extensions

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What People are saying

“You'll Love Her!”

"Jordan ohhh what can I say about this ray of sunshine!! She makes me feel like a million bucks ever time I leave her salon. She’s such a boss babe and all around amazing person inside and out. If you’re looking to keep your hairs integrity especially being a blonde and worried about over processing you need to go to Jordan! Her background in extensions ext. she Truly understands the importance of preserving your natural hair. She uses a steamer and deep conditioner each appointment (a Europe method) I come every 6 weeks for root touch up and toner. I recommend booking in advance as she does fill up fast. You’ll Love her!!! "

- Dakota S.


"Lavish Locks is hands down THE BEST Hair salon in Tampa. Jordan, the owner/my stylist is extremely talented both technically and artistically. Her and Kristy just know what they are doing, work great as a team and are super efficient and detail oriented. They really go the extra mile on your hair -- and want you to leave the salon looking your BEST-- which has always been the case for me. I trust her eye as well as recommendations she has made for color, styling and products.

I wouldn't go anywhere else for my hair care or extensions at this point, like... ever. Highly recommend. Plus the salon is clean, fun, sexy and easy to get to!"

Olivia Chapman

“Leave Feeling Like A Goddess”

"Jordan and her team are exceptional the industry. Their professionalism and quality are by far the best. My hair extensions and color are always beautiful. I've been going to Jordan for years and the quality and technique she uses has only enhanced my natural hair. She is truly gifted in her craft!! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants thicker, longer hair or if you are experiencing some sort of hair loss. She is truly amazing and you will leave feeling like a goddess."

- Sherilyn C.

“Magnificent Transformations”

"Jordan and her team do a wonderful job I went there and I had a keratin treatment and I also had great lengths extensions applied via fusion and I had a haircut before and after the extensions were applied they are very professional and clean! I am more the. Happy about me hair! My natural hair is healthy strong and beautiful. The extensions mimic my real hair and give me longer thicker looking hair. I would recommend to anyone for all services. I live an hour away and after watching her instagram I knew this was going to be a good experience! Be sure to add her on Instagram and Facebook to see the magnificent transformations!!!"

- Lauren M.

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Lavish Locks is the premier producer of high quality extensions. Extensions are an easy way to add length and fullness to natural hair, however, not all extensions are created equal. Every person requires something as unique as they are to achieve the perfect look and feel.

At Lavish Locks, we select hair originating from Europe, India, and China, as well as use multiple attachment methods for the absolute best results. You’ll end up with a new, healthy, natural look held to the highest professional standard.

At our salon, we take the time needed to assess which brand of extension, method of application, amount of bundles, length in inches, and texture best suits each client through the complimentary consultation process.

All extensions can be styled and colored throughout wear to maintain your high quality appearance. The wear time for any extension will vary per client based on the speed of hair growth, rate of natural shedding, home care routine, and personal preference. For more information about how to extend the life and wear of your extensions, contact us at our salon for all the answers you need.